Student Conferences

The Gutenberg Teaching Council (GTC) intends to promote the involvement of students in teaching, research, and artistic expression by means of the support of student conferences. Student conferences do not need to have a specified format and it shall be the responsibility of the students to organize conferences and decide on their content on their own initiative. Conferences will provide participants with the opportunity to both transfer their own knowledge and to acquire new insights and will thus not only form an essential element of their academic or artistic activities but also provide valuable supplementation of student education. In addition to providing for the exchange of subject-based information, participants will also gain initial experience of conference and publication activities, while they will have the opportunity to practice their own organizational skills.

General stipulations

The Gutenberg Teaching Council will provide students with funding of up to € 2.500 towards the organization and implementation of conferences, lecture series, (artistic) symposiums or similar. This money may be used to finance:

  • conference materials,
  • travel costs (e.g. for speakers),
  • fees for speakers,
  • research assistants,
  • publication costs.

All students enrolled at JGU (with the exception of doctoral candidates) may file a request for student conference funding. Arrangements for the implementation of a conference must have been approved by the relevant faculty prior to submission of the request for funding.