Welcome to the Gutenberg Teaching Council (GTC)

In November 2010, the JGU Senate passed a resolution for the establishment of the Gutenberg Teaching Council as one of the central academic institutions of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. With the establishment of the Gutenberg Teaching Council - and its equivalent in the field of research, i.e. the Gutenberg Research College, Mainz University lives up to its self-conception grounded in its mission statement and its teaching strategy: research and teaching are of equal rank and it is JGU's aim to obtain optimum and excellent performance in both areas.

Irrespective of the responsibility of the JGU faculties to secure and organize their course offerings, the Gutenberg Teaching Council aims at the promotion and further development of teaching and academic teaching competence at Mainz University while taking into account its research orientation, its interdisciplinary and international character, and its professional orientation. It shall also make well-founded academic contributions to the further development and improvement of course structures and study conditions at JGU.