Goals and Measures of the GTC

The Gutenberg Teaching Council shall initiate suitable measures to safeguard ongoing improvements to teaching, to the existing academic teaching competence, and to course structures at JGU. Particular emphasis is to be placed on encouraging the awareness of teaching and learning processes at all levels of the university. These measures include, among others:

  • the creation of appropriate forums and networks within JGU that enable, for example, the exchange of teaching experience and the development of systematic pedagogic models;
  • the support of projects that both improve teaching competence and make innovative contributions towards the development of approaches to teaching;
  • the provision of additional grants to encourage young academics to take up temporary teaching appointments at other institutions of higher education;
  • the promotion of national and international information and experience exchange in the field of practical teaching or teaching and learning research, respectively;
  • the drafting of procedures for the call, selection, and implementation of innovative teaching projects and their consistent further development;
  • the awarding of the Gutenberg or Lecture Award to excellent international academics and scientists, aiming at the consolidation of cooperations in the promotion of young researchers.

In addition to measures already existent such as the call for innovative teaching projects and the award for excellent student papers, all other measures described in the GTC Statutes are to be realized and advanced step-by-step.