Support for External Teaching Assignments

The Gutenberg Teaching Council (GTC) offers all full-time teaching staff at JGU the opportunity to gain teaching experience at another university, especially in a foreign country. External teaching appointments with a maximum duration of six months are designed to improve individual teaching skills and thus contribute to the further enhancement of the level of academic teaching at JGU. Moreover, these teaching assignments contribute towards the GTC's aim of promoting the exchange of information and experience in the field of teaching both nationally and internationally.

Financial support of up to € 30,000 can be provided to cover the costs of the following:

  • Compensation for the faculty (normally in the form of temporary teaching contracts)
  • Travel costs arising in connection with the teaching assignment
  • Documentation and publication of experiences

As a general rule, those participating in the program are expected to take a share in teaching activities at the host university, which is obligated to provide the necessary infrastructure (in terms of both working environment and teaching materials) to enable them to engage in these activities. Participants are expected to share their experiences gained through the external teaching assignment with their own faculty, and to contribute to the mutual exchange of experiences (for example, through joint teaching colloquiums or workshops sponsored by the GTC).