Innovative Teaching Projects at JGU

Teaching projects are special concepts and events associated with learning and teaching. The purpose of promotion of these projects – together with other teaching support projects – is to improve teaching to the benefit of students, but also to raise the status of teaching within the university. Support is predominantly aimed at promoting complex and innovative teaching concepts that ideally have a model character, enabling experience gained to be integrated into normal teaching or allowing the projects themselves to be maintained.

Projects should fulfill the following criteria, which are listed in the order of importance:

Sustainability: The projects make sustainable contributions towards the development of teaching and learning processes. The effect should be lasting even after the period of support by the GTC.
Innovation: The projects are innovative regarding content, the further development of teaching and learning processes and/or methods.
Transferability: Considerations regarding how the projects can be transferred to other subjects and disciplines should be included in the application.

As a result of the high number of incoming funding requests, the GTC has decided to allow applications to be submitted at any time. The maximum sum that will be made available is € 15,000 for a period not exceeding two years. This funding is to be primarily used to hire research and student assistants or tutors. Costs of materials will only be reimbursed in exceptional circumstances and any such reimbursement will only cover a small proportion of those costs. There will continue to be an annual invitation to submit applications for funding of so-called 'core projects' dealing with a specific topic, which will provide financing of up to € 60,000.