GTC Sabbatical Semester

The GTC sabbatical semester enables full-time teaching staff to take leave of absence from their normal teaching duties to work intensively on a teaching project, to investigate methodological and didactic approaches, and to develop innovative teaching and learning concepts designed to improve teaching skills and to further develop innovative teaching methods.

The GTC will provide the faculty with the funds to compensate for the sabbatical (normally in the form of temporary teaching contracts). At the end of the sabbatical semester, those granted a sabbatical are expected to document and/or report the results of their leave-of-absence semester.

The purpose of the GTC sabbatical semester is to enable any full-time faculty member at JGU actively involved in teaching to be freed from their normal duties in whole or part so that they can make an innovative and sustained contribution to the continued development of teaching. Such a contribution may take the form of:

  • work on an extensive teaching project,
  • the examination of methodological-didactic concepts,
  • the development of new teaching and learning concepts,
  • the design or extensive revision of degree programs.

Funding of up to € 45,000 will be made available to cover the following expenses:

  • to compensate faculties/schools for the loss of teaching staff on a GTC sabbatical semester,
  • where necessary, to pay for student assistants,
  • the documentation and publication of experiences.

Costs of materials will only be reimbursed in exceptional circumstances and any such reimbursement will only cover a small proportion of those costs.