Awards for student papers and theses

Since 2010, the JGU faculties, its School of Music, and the Academy of Arts have been able to award prizes to outstanding student papers and theses. This incentive is intended to encourage students to write high-quality papers. A key requirement necessary to ensure a general enhancement in the quality of such written papers is the drafting and publication of transparent criteria that will provide an orientation aid to students. It is thus desirable that the faculties, the School of Music, and the Academy of Arts should prepare a catalog of suitable criteria (or, depending on degree programs, several criteria catalogs). The catalogs can then be used as a basis for the provision of funding of prizes to be awarded to student papers and theses.

The faculties will be generally responsible for all organizational aspects. Supervisors will be able to submit nominations to the corresponding faculty council, which will then decide on the prize winners. Prizes will be awarded annually. As a rule, student papers will attract a prize of € 150, while the prize awarded to theses will be € 300.

Based on the number of students in a faculty, the GTC will provide annual funding to be used specifically as prize money for student papers. For theses, each faculty will be able to award two prizes; the School of Music and the Academy Arts will receive financing for one prize each.

Internal university information channels (e.g. online information) will be used to inform students about the award scheme. The prizes will be presented at a public faculty ceremony. In order to ensure that as many university members as possible are made aware of the scheme and to enhance the attraction of the awards, winners will be allowed to publish their papers on the GTC homepage.