Gutenberg Teaching Award


The Gutenberg Teaching Council will employ the Gutenberg Teaching Award to emphasize the importance of academic instruction in the arts and sciences by honoring external national or international academics, artists, and others persons who have made significant contributions to the ongoing development of teaching and the improvement of teaching quality as a key factor in academic education.

General stipulations

The Gutenberg Teaching Council will confer the Gutenberg Teaching Award annually, commencing from 2014. Prize money of EUR 10,000.00 will be presented with the award. In addition, the winner will be offered a funded visiting fellowship at JGU.

The award is to be presented during the annual DIES LEGENDI event at JGU. Preferably the presentation of the award should be accompanied by a guest lecture given by the winner.

Right to nominate candidates

The faculties, schools, and central facilities at JGU have the right to nominate candidates for the award. Each faculty/school/central facility may submit a proposal for nomination of a maximum of one candidate to the Gutenberg Teaching Council.

Selection criteria

The nominee will need to have made a significant contribution to the development of academic teaching; such contributions may take the form of

  • the authorship of a recognized standard textbook,
  • the development of a unique examination format,
  • extensive dedication to training of graduate students,
  • research and/or practical projects in the field of quality in university teaching,
  • activities designed to enhance the relevance accorded to academic teaching at their university and, if possible, beyond,
  • innovative forms of student and doctoral candidate counseling and support,
  • interdisciplinary and, if possible, cross-university strategies designed to promote the dissemination of innovative teaching and learning concepts.

In addition to teaching staff, any other individuals or professionals who are involved in the improvement of teaching (university administration, management, didactics, authorities etc.) are also eligible for nomination. However, employees of JGU may not be nominated.